WizKids Warmachine: Battering Ram (75004)

WizKids Warmachine: Battering Ram (75004)



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Earth-shattering blows can be heard from a distance as fearsome war machines take to the battlefield! Bring the brutal battering ram to your next session!

What adventures await your campaign? Are the enemies already at the gates, and your party is in a race against time before the entrance is breached? Or are you taking the fight to the enemy with a front approach? Anything is possible!

Approximate Measurements:

Battering Ram: 89 x 77 x 62mm

War Drum: 31 x 30 x 38mm

Stool: 19 x 19 x 22mm

War Horn: 43 x 25 x 52mm

Siege Commander: 50mm tall



1 Battering Ram

1 Ram Head

1 Skull Head

1 Dragon Head

1 Female Siege Commander

1 War Horn

1 War Drum

1 War Drum Stool