Wizkids 4D Settings: Castle Barracks

Wizkids 4D Settings: Castle Barracks



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The Castle Barracks set provides you with all the pieces you need to recreate the home for the king's royal guard. The box is set up with all the objects you'd expect in a bunkhouse with 6 guards staying in it. Bunks for sleeping, weapons' racks and footlockers for storage, a large table, and benches for eating, a dummy, and target for training, and even a chamber pot for...well, you know. This set also has several 25mm base weapons to add to your world. The swords, shields, spears, halberds, and bows are all individual pieces to use as loot or kit-bashing.




6 Footlockers

6 Halberds

6 Spears

6 Swords

3 Shields

3 Bows

3 Armor on Stand

3 Bunks