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Helvetia: a county in evolution, divided between the surrounding Empires who claimed taxes and allegiance. Primitiva was the first to wake up, and decided to fight to obtain independence. The other regions followed their example: Luserna, Zugriga, Berena, Friburga, etc. However, between year 1 of unification and the day of the nation, several centuries went by, with alternating periods of war and diplomatic peace; troubled and bloody time which you will discover in Unita!

Unita is a player family game that contains 64 extra large dice and will challenge you at every turn as Lady Luck will not be in your favor! Forge ahead on the warpath, lead your army in the mad rush to get to the Magic Gate and put an end to all these afflictions!

An original and exclusive technique of combat through which you can relive the battles of the past! You can assume the role of the men of Primitiva, the Nuns of Friburga, the Engineers of GermanLand, or the Frogs of Hexagone!

1 Double-sided Game Board
64 Dice
First Player Marker
12 Terrain Tiles
12 Power Cards

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes