Gale Force Nine Tenfold Dungeon: The Town

Gale Force Nine Tenfold Dungeon: The Town

Battlefront Miniatures

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25-28mm Scale

Tenfold Dungeon is fully immersive, out-of-the-box 3D terrain for your RPGs and dungeon crawling games.

With amazingly detailed art printed in every box, and 1" x 1" grids discreetly layered into the environment, Tenfold Dungeon provides a high-quality, atmospheric play space for all your tabletop needs. Along with its compact, lightweight design, it's never been easier to take your high-octane adventures with you - wherever you go.

The included 5E module, "Gang of Thieves", sees the players face off against The Five Rings gang as they try to restore glory to the town of Holdthorpe.

Included Rooms:

  Inn (Main Room)
    370 x 300 x 62mm
  Inn (Upper Floor)
    370 x 300 x 62mm
  Posh Room
    365 x 131 x 40mm
  Master Bedroom
    288 x 178 x 62mm
  Single Inn Room
    251 x 103 x 40mm
  Drawing Room
    183 x 294 x 62mm
  Town Hall
    181 x 181 x 62mm
    174 x 174 x 62mm
    167 x 167 x 62mm
  Clock Tower
    167 x 110 x 62mm
  Inn Kitchen
    140 x 181 x 62mm
  Cheap Inn Room
    113 x 155 x 40mm

12 Rooms
20 Doors
2 Gates
7 Walls
1 Trap Door
6 Staircases