Star Wars X-Wing: Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion

Star Wars X-Wing: Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion



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Epic Battles adds a brand-new game mode to enhance play in X-Wing!


The Epic game mode uses cinematic scenarios that allow two to eight players to engage in multiplayer battles, field massive fleets, and fly coordinated wings of starfighters.


Fly your favor squads with a single dial! With the new wing tools, players can mobilize groups of starfighters as wings: tight formations that stick together as they maneuver.


Battle with up to eight players in scenario games! From desperate defensive actions as friendly transports escape to daring assaults on enemy fortifications, each scenario provides a new way to play X-Wing.



7 Wing Quick Build Cards

8 Upgrade Cards

49 Other Cards

5 Wing Tools

10 Objectives

16 Victory Counters

54 Other Tokens