Reaper Bones Black: Medium Xairbot (49013)

Reaper Bones Black: Medium Xairbot (49013)

Reaper Miniatures


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Includes 1x Plastic Reaper Bones Black: Medium Xairbot (49013) 

Bones Black figures are made using a grey polymer plastic material. They are lightweight, slightly flexible, very durable, and extremely detailed miniatures designed for painters and gamers. 

You can paint a Reaper Bones Black model straight out of the package. We advise rinsing your models with some warm soap and water, and once they're dry you can begin painting.


• Most Bones Black figures have integral bases

• Minimal mold lines

• Easy to cut apart for conversions or weapon swaps

• Cyanoacrylate (eg "Superglue") and Craftics 33 plastic glue work best to glue Bones Black together.

• All major brands of putty tested work with Bones Black