Warlord: Savage North Rulebook

Warlord: Savage North Rulebook

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Warlord: The Savage North contains everything you need to play 8 brand new factions for the Warlord Second Edition game system. Set in the frozen lands of northern Adon, the book features the Warlord Second Edition core rules and eight battle-ready, hardcore factions! A history of the setting, map, and detailed background information for each of the forces offers players an opportunity to build and paint unique armies in this inhospitable region.


New Factions include:

Bloodstone Gnomes

Wood Elves of Tembrithil

Dark Elves of the Darkreaches

Dwarves of Kragmarr

Black Orcs of Kargir

Frost Giants of Icingstead

Koborlas of the Nornwood

Sisterhood of the Blade


Developed by Gus Landt and his intrepid team of hardcore designers (Jason, Wedge, Doug, & Josh), this hardcover rulebook also includes a cover and interior art by industry veteran Wayne Reynolds, a painting guide, and full color section featuring the heroes of the Savage North.