Pizza Dungeon Dice: Orange and White (19068)

Pizza Dungeon Dice: Orange and White (19068)

Reaper Miniatures

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What sets Pizza Dungeon Dice apart from the rest of the pack is our attention to functional design. Each set of Pizza Dungeon Dice is packaged in a clear sided shaker that will nest together with more shakers making for easy identification, transportation and organization of your dice collection. Inspired by the cheese shakers on tables in pizza parlors, these shakers are also the perfect jar to use as your dice cup!


For added function each Pizza Dungeon Dice set contains a random High Roller figurine that is perfect for a henchman pawn, or a fast substitute for your new PC. The packaging and color of each included figure is random so you will have plenty of choices for a fast NPC or for marking a key location on your table map.

Included Dice:


1 Four-sided Die

1 Six-sided Die

1 Eight-Dided die

1 Ten-sided Die

1 10's-place Die

1 Twelve-sided Die

1 Twenty-sided Die