Flames of War: Romanian: Pioneer Platoon (RO706)

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Includes 3 Pioneer SMG squads or Scout Platoon option: 1 Officer, 4 NCOs, 7 Pioneers with satchel charges, 9 Riflemen, 12 Submachine-gunners, 6 medium and 1 small base.


At the outbreak of the war there were 26 divisional pioneer battalions supporting the infantry divisions. A divisional battalion had 3 pioneer companies.


Each company consisted of 3 pioneer platoons and one flame-thrower section and a platoon had 3 pioneer squads of 3 teams each. Pioneer battalions were also assigned to corps and consisted of 1st Motorized Pioneer Company (with trucks), 2nd Mounted Pioneer Company (mounted on horseback) and 3rd Road-building Company. The 1st and 2nd Company were organised as above.