Kobold Press: Southlands Worldbook (5E)

Kobold Press: Southlands Worldbook (5E)

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Magnificent Temples & Cursed Tombs!

The land teems with elemental power. Ancient god-kings walk among mortals, ruling vast empires. Across searing desert, steaming jungle, and rolling savannah, lost cities echo the majesty of the past, shelter legendary monsters, and hide bejeweled treasures. Swift-flying sand ships dart over the dunes, bearing mysterious agents and fresh intrigues. Brave adventurers uncover the mysteries of the jinn, the trickery of the gnolls, and the labyrinths of the minotaurs.

Inside this book, you'll find:

• Nine major regions, such as the great river kingdom of Nuria Natal, the sky-nation of Aerdvall above the High Jungles, and Lignas, Land of the Serpent Scholars

• Histories, current events, perilous sites, and adventure seeds

• Plans and powers for more than 20 gods and their followers

• A double-sided poster map of the entire continent

• Plus 25 new monsters and NPCs and 32 new magic items