Conquest: Spires Avatara

Conquest: Spires Avatara



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38mm Scale

Among the highest echelons of the Lineages, none are truly expected to risk their real bodies daily, much less so on the battlefield. The chosen warriors of each Lineage stride through the battlefield safely projecting into their Avatara; outlandish creations bedecked in all sorts of ornament and Biomantic enhancements, whose lithe, androgynous frames bely the speed and power they can bring to bear.

With almost no personal link and minimal skill needed to become a deadly foe, many scions of the Lineages have taken to decorating their Avatara as ostentatiously as possible, for the body-vessels have made them such proficient killers that a tally of the slain foes is simply no longer practical.

Plastic components.

3 Avatara Miniatures
3 Cavalry Stands
3 Bases
1 Command Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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