Conquest: Old Dominion Xhiliarch

Conquest: Old Dominion Xhiliarch



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38mm Scale

The professional nature of the Old Dominion army was best exemplified by its officer cadre. A Xhiliarch, a commander of a thousand men, was both elected by his troops and trained by Dominion. Only those who had previously reached the rank of Centurion were eligible to become Xhiliarchs, who upon election traveled to Captias to be trained in grammar, arithmetic and logistics, allowing them to become the professional officer corps that the Legions needed to dominate the continent.

Their exalted rank invariably meant that they were buried in full honors and ceremony, their embalming process and the interment services much more thorough and complex than that of a simple Legionnaire. As such, when raised as unliving vessels by the unGod they retained their cognitive capacity, unlike the Legionnaires who retain but a vestige of their former self.

Plastic components.

1 Miniature
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1 Round Plastic Base (27mm)
1 Infantry Stand
1 Command Card