Tiny Epic Western

Tiny Epic Western

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In Tiny Epic Western, you are the boss! Round up your posse, range the town, and even play poker in the rootin'-tootin' race to buy buildings and establish yourself as the meanest boss in the Wild West! Will you be the Rancher? The Banker? Maybe the Outlaw. Choose from 8 thematic characters!

Tiny Epic Western offers a clever combination of poker and worker-placement. The game lasts six rounds and each round has players placing their posse at different locations. Here they will compete with other players, or even against the house, known as the "Rival", in hands of three-card poker. The winner gains influence that can later be leveraged for acquiring buildings or winning duels. But be careful; this is the Wild West! To keep your horse hitched around here, you'll need to be good with a gun.

Like the other games in the series, Tiny Epic Western captures a larger-than-life gaming experience in a small box with approachable rules and stream-lined gameplay. It never outstays its welcome.


4 Location Mats

1 Town Hall Mat

1 Sheriff's Office Mat

8 Boss Cards

30 Building Cards

20 Poker Cards

12 Posse Tokens

2 Gunslinger Dice

1 Dealer Token

1 Wanted Card

12 Influence Tokens

3 Industry Tokens

Ages: 14+

Players: 1-4

Game Length: 30-45 minutes