Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off (Stand Alone)

Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off (Stand Alone)

Alliance Games


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BLAST OFF! is the streamlined successor to the best-selling game Tiny Epic Galaxies

Blast off and compete in an intergalactic conquest for the greatest planets across the universe!

In Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!, you are the supreme commander of your own galaxy, and you will be competing against other galactic leaders to colonize the most sought-after planets.

You will be managing resources and expanding your galactic footprint. Guide your starfleet wisely and if you can create the most powerful galaxy, you will claim victory of the entire cosmos!


4 Galaxy Mats

1 Dice Activation Card

4 Wooden Galaxy Sliders

8 Wooden Resource Tokens

1 Wooden First Player Tokens

30 Planet Cards

6 Custom Dice

16 Wooden Ships

1 Rule Book

Ages: 9+

Players: 2-4

Game Length: 30-45 minutes