Alone: Core Game

Alone: Core Game

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Alone is not your regular dungeon crawler. One of the players controls the Hero, a castaway spacefarer exploring an unknown map full of dangers, trying to complete missions, while up to 3 Evil Masterminds plot in the darkness, trying to kill them.

Depending on which side you choose, the gameplay is completely different. The Hero can only see as far as their flashlight allows them, just a few sectors of the map at a time. Alone and abandoned, their life always threatened, they'll have to be careful at every step. Gathering clues and avoiding traps is often more important than fighting.

On the other side of the fence, hidden behind their screen, the Evil players can see everything. The whole map is always available to them, at all times. They can use cards to spawn and move hideous creatures and set insidious traps, all to make the Hero's life as difficult as possible.

Will you take the role of Hero and try to survive, or will you join the Evil forces trying to bring them down.


3 Rulebooks

1 Scenario Book

1 Hero Sheet

1 Evil Screen

8 Dice

2 Map Sheets

21 Item Cards

4 Character Cards

104 Reaction Cards

24 Mission Cards

4 Reference Cards

1 Compass

10 Doors with Stands

1 Evil Leader Token

100+ Tokens

30+ Tiles

Ages: 14+

Players: 2-4

Game Length: 90-120 minutes