Flames of War: German: Warriors of Market Garden (GE897)

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Includes one SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl-Heinz Euling, one Major Hans-Peter Knaust, one SS-Sturmbannführer Hans-Georg Sonnenstuhl with Staff team, one optional Sd Kfz 251 half-track with crew, one plastic half-track component sprue, one half-track stowage sprue, two Small two-hole bases & one Large base.

SS-Haupsturmführer (SS-Captain) Karl-Heinz Euling joined the Waffen-SS in 1938, fighting in Poland and Russia before being promoted to captain on 9 November 1943. He was transferred from the Eastern Front to France as a member of the staff of the II. SS-Panzerkorps. Fighting in Normandy, Euling was promoted to command the first battalion of 22. SS-Panzergrenadierregiment of the 10. SS-Panzerdivision ‘Frundsberg’. Euling led the remnants of his battle-hardened unit out of the maelstrom of Normandy and back to the comparative safety in Holland.