Adeptus Titanicus: Defense of Ryza

Adeptus Titanicus: Defense of Ryza

Games Workshop

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Explore the conflict that ravaged the surface of Ryza as the Warmaster's Dark Mechanicum allies fell upon the Forge World upon pillaging is resources and claiming it for their own diabolical purposes.


Legions of Ryza

The Defence of Ryza includes rules for fielding your Titans as part of one of the six major Titan Legions which found in the Defence of Ryza campaign - two new Loyalist Titan Legions: Legio Honorum (Death Bolts) and Legio Osedax (Cockatrices), along with Legio Crucius (Warmongers), and two new Traitor Titan Legions: Lego Magna (Flaming Skulls) and Legio Vulturum (Gore Crows), along with Legio Mortis (Death's Heads).


New Maniples

Four new maniples for any Titan Legion to use: Extergium Battleline, Perpetua Battleline, Firmus Light, and Dominum Battleforce.


Crusade Titan Legions

Updated rules for creating your own Titan Legions, allowing you to bring your Legio to life with custom Traits, Stratagems, and Wargear.


New Ways of Playing

Rules for declaring the allegiance of your Titan Legion or Knight Household, additional options for Knight Households, six new sets of rules to represent Knight Households, and new hostile battlefield rules for the varied environment of Ryza.


Narrative Missions

Six new missions allow players ot re-fight the major battles of the Defence of Ryza, from the last stand upon Salvation Isthmus to the heroic charge of House Taranis and House Zavora during the Storm of Endeavour.