Battle Tech: Inner Sphere Fire Lance

Battle Tech: Inner Sphere Fire Lance

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The arrival of a Fire Lance on the ridge overlooking the battlefield can turn the tide of any fight. The judicious deployment of such 'Mechs is often a game of chess, as both commanders hold them in reserve long enough to make the difference.

Unleash the Inner Sphere Fire Lance on your enemies! Longbow, Stalker, Zeus, and Trebuchet (no assembly required) along with four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height

Longbow: 50mm

Zeus: 52mm

Trebuchet: 46mm

Stalker: 53mm



4 Miniatures

  ‣ Longbow

  ‣ Stalker

  ‣ Zeus

  ‣ Trebuchet

4 MechWarrior Cards

4 Alpha Strike Cards