Flames of War: British: Morris CS9 (BR305)

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Includes two Morris CS9 Armoured Cars, two AA MGs & two Boys Anti-tank rifle gunners.


The Morris CS9 Armoured Car was based on the Morris C9 4x2 15-cwt truck. The chassis was fitted with a riveted hull on top of which sat an open top turret which was able to accommodate two men. The armament for the Morris CS9 was provided by either a Boys anti-tank rifle and a Bren light machine-gun.


Weighing 4.5 tonne, the armoured car was powered by a 96hp Morris 6-cylinder petrol engine and provided a top speed of 45mph (73km/h). The crew of four was made up of a commander, a gunner, a driver and a radio operator. While inside the vehicle they enjoyed 7mm of armour protection.