Fate of a Nation: Shot (AISBX02)

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Includes two Sho't tanks with L7 105mm & OQF 20 pdr gun options, two Searchlights (optional), two .50 cal AA MG, one Tank Commander sprue suitable for the Israelis, two Tank Commanders suitable for the Jordanians & four Rare-earth magnets.

Israel attempted to acquire Centurion tanks for several years from Britain, but was rebuffed until after the Suez Crisis of 1956. In 1959 a clandestine army delegation was sent to Britain to begin training and familiarization with the Centurion tank. As the agreement was secret, the code name Sho’t (Scourge or Whip) was used to refer to the Centurion in Israeli service. Israel initially received roughly 20 used Mark 5 tanks, but later began to purchase new Mark 8 tanks. By the time of the 1967 conflict, Israel had nearly 300 Centurions in service. All but 12 used around Jerusalem had been upgraded with the new British 105mm L7 gun.