Mini Rogue

Mini Rogue

Alliance Games


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As the sun sets over the City, the King elects you, a Champion, to retrieve the Og's Blood: a fabled and mysterious artifact rumored to be a ruby gemstone...

Inspired by rogue-likes and old-school dungeon crawler video games, Mini Rogue is an engaging solo or two-player game that will immerse you into the depths of the dungeon. Every level is randomly laid out, each encounter plays out differently, and of course, death is final.

Choose from a selection of characters with distinct skills. Use your wits and rely on luck to overcome ever-growing odds. Unravel the mystery behind the Og's Blood with the Campaign Mode, or play with a friend using the cooperative rules.


1 Rulebook

2 Custom Meeples

2 Player Aid Sheets

3 Double-sided Mats

4 Character Tokens

12 Custom Dice

18 Wooden Cubes

32 Cards

Ages: 14+

Players: 1-2

Game Length: 30 minutes