Smash Up: Ooops You Did it Again

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Well, you've gone and done it now...


Last year Smash Up fans voted for all-new factions to be inlcuded in the game! Yes, this entire set is (once again), all your fault! Oops You Did It Again introduces two new concepts to Smash Up, Burying and Dueling. Burying allows you to hide cards facedown in play until the right moment, to help or hurt your opponent. Dueling allows a minion to call out another, with various effects depending on the type of duel.


The Vikings bring the ability to steal cards from your opponent's deck and turn them against their former owner.


The Ancient Egyptians use their talents in embalming to bury cards for the future.


Samurai face their deaths with noble honor, and bonus effects!


The Cowboys call your opponents' minions at high noon...or 6:45, or whenever you are playing, really.



4 Factions with 20 Cards Each

  ‣ Vikings

  ‣ Ancient Egyptians

  ‣ Samurai

  ‣ Cowboys

8 Base Cards

4 Card Dividers

1 Token Sheet



Ages: 14+

Players: 2

Game Length: 45 minutes