Fate of a Nation: Shahak (AAC02)

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Includes one Shahak (Dassault Mirage) aircraft, one Flight Stand with Tall Flight Stand Add-on, one Aircraft dice, two Rare-earth magnets & one Decal sheet.

With the success of Operation Moked during the opening stages of the Six-Day War; Dassault Aviation couldn’t have paid for a better advertisement of their Mirage III CJ (also known as the Shahak or Skyblazer in Hebrew to the Israelis).

Developed during the 1950s, it was the first European-built fighter designed to exceed Mach 2 during horizontal flight. Eager to attract potential buyers, Dassault invited members of the Israeli Air Force (or IAF) to visit their factory; test the new aircraft and provide feedback. And with the addition of the MiG-21 to the Arab arsenal, Israel placed an order for the Mirage in 1959. Seventy Mirage III CJ fighters were delivered to the Israelis between April 1962 and July 1964.