Infinity: Third Offensive

Infinity: Third Offensive

Corvus Belli


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177 years in the future. After the Uprising, the Human Sphere believed that it could regain a measure of peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.


The breaching of Acheron Blockade by a Combined Army vessel full of reinforcements is the starting signal for the Third Offensive of Paradiso. A massive attack on all planetary fronts by forces in the service of the EI, that puts humanity on the ropes. One after another, the positions of the great powers in the front line are falling to the unstoppable power of the Combined Army. But is there anything more than a simple territorial conquest behind this offensive? Why has the EI concentrated its forces on the assault against Paradiso headquarters of the Teutonic Order? What is the ultimate purpose of all these attacks? Will the Paradiso Coordinated Command be able to contain the irrepressible alien tide, or will the entire planet fall into the grip of the EI?


Discover the answers to these questions, and much more about Paradiso and its various combat fronts. The Third Offensive raises the level of a Code Infinity situations' definition of "Interesting Times."


In addition, this book includes information and background of new Infinty Sectorial Armies. The Varuna Immediate Reaction Division, the special operations and response force of PanOceania, better known as the Snake Eaters. The Invincible Army, the citizen-soldiers of Yu Jing, all of them equipped with servo-powered armor. The Tartary Army Corps, the Cossack attack force of Ariadna. OperationS, the subsection of the SSS responsible for encouraging the "Sole AI" bill and protecting the interests of ALEPH, both official and clandestine. The Shasvastii Expeditionary Force, the infiltrators of the Combined Army, experts in stealth and deception, more dangerous than ever. And let's not forget the mercenary units and characters, always ready to take advantage of any conflict.