Infinity: Operation Red Veil

Infinity: Operation Red Veil

Corvus Belli


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Box contains:


3x Zhanshi (Combi Rifle)

1x Zúyǒng (Combi Rifle)

1x Tiger Soldier (Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower)

1x Hsien (HMG)

1x Ninja (Tactical Bow)

3x Ghulam (Rifle + Light Shotgun)

1x Khawarij (Rifle + Light Shotgun)

1x Tuareg (Sniper Rifle)

1x Zhayedan (Marksmanship L2) (Breaker Rifle + Light Shotgun)

1x Fasid (HMG + (Smoke and Normal) Light Grenade Launcher)

Game Mat

3 Yu Jing dice

3 Haqqislam dice

Neon Lotus Scenery Pack


Markers and Templates

English-Spanish introductory rules booklet