Sinclair Games Flames of War German Army Giveaway

Battlefront Miniatures is extremely good about supporting stores that carry their game lines. With the release of the new Stalingrad army books They have given us several of the new plastic kits.

Instead of just putting these on the self and trying to sell them we are running a small contest. Any customer who purchases any Battlefront Miniatures items from Sinclair Games will be entered to win a bundle of New Flames of War German models.

We have two sets of prizes one for online customers and one for in store customers.

Included in the bundle:

1x Plastic Assault Pioneer Platoon (GE758)

1x Plastic Grenadier Platoon (GE756)

1x Plastic 15cm Nebelwerfer Battery (GBX118)

1x Plastic 5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (GBX115)

1x Diethrich's Ghosts Army Box (GEAB16)


That is almost $200.00 worth of Mid War Germans.

Please feel free to use the FOW5 discount code (that will give you an extra 5% off your order) on your website orders.

If you do not wish to purchase anything you may also be entered by signing up for our e-mail list. It won't cost you anything and you can always unsubscribe from it later. You will only be entered one time no matter how many different e-mail addresses you register with.


This contest ends at midnight November 4 2018.

You will only be entered one time for this contest. Sorry you can't come into the store and order online to get two entries.

Good Luck!

Flames of War