Gothic Battlefields: Gallery of Valour (BB524)

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War devastates major cities on any number of battlefields. Great halls dedicated to heroes of bygone years, which have stood strong for centuries, crumble under the onslaught of constant conflict. These ravaged landscapes are key battlegrounds for opposing forces as they war with each other amid the smoking ruins of civilization. The timeless terrain pieces of the Battlefield in a Box Hall of Heroes series turn your ordinary tabletop in war-shattered metropolis.


Hall of Heroes: The Gallery of Valour is a crumbling ruin section of a circular tower or rotunda. From end to end the remnant is just over 11 inches wide and is 5 inches high at its tallest point. The Gallery of Valour may be combined with other pieces in the Hall of Heroes collection to mark out a larger ruined building or stands alone as an imposing piece of terrain.


Hall of Heroes: The Gallery of Valour contains one painted terrain piece.