NAM: Mekong River Mat (FW903A)

NAM: Mekong River Mat (FW903A)

Battlefront Special

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Mekong River Mat (FW903A)
includes three 2' x 4' (60cm x 120cm) vinyl gaming mats.

The Brown Water Navy would find it rather difficult to conduct its mission without a river to battle over! A large river has always been a difficult obstacle to riverine wargaming. Building a table can be time consuming, and modular rivers can sometimes be messy or not fit on the table correctly. So we went back to the drawing board and designed the Mekong River Mat set to give you a great range of battlefield flexibility.

The Mekong River Mat set is designed to give you an ever-changing wargame landscape. It comes with three 2’x4’ (60cm x 12cm) panels, so lining them all up next to each other will give you a full 6’x4’ table. Each small panel can be re-arranged in a number of ways to provide you with several different configurations.