Malifaux: Neverborn

The Neverborn are, in many ways, a faction of very fast, very fragile models which attack their enemies' Willpower almost as often as they attack their Defense. Most Neverborn crews come at their enemies sideways, relying upon unique tricks and special abilities to weaken and destroy their prey. It's not uncommon to see Neverborn models with high Defenses and self-healing abilities, but very few of their models can take more than one or two hits from an enemy and survive.

The Neverborn are essentially a faction of tricks. Their Masters all revolve around a specific gimmick, which their crews can either support or ignore to varying degrees of success. Their playstyle rewards cunning and clever play, and while they have a number of models with long-range magical effects that can be used to sow chaos and confusion among the enemy's ranks, very few of their models have mastered the use of ranged weapons, making them primarily a melee faction.