Isolation Protocol Modular Terrain

Isolation Protocol is a set of modular 3D printed 28mm - 32mm wargaming terrain based on the hugely popular WarLayer 4.0 system allowing you to create modular layouts. Scaled for 28mm sci-fi games and compatible with games like Deadzone, Star Wars Legion, Warhammer 40,000, Star Breach, and Kill Team.

The Isolation Protocol system is designed around a simple 3" x 3" construction.

Each wall measures 76.2mm / 3 inches high, and when attached to the support poles on either side, they form a structure 3 inches wide. Simply add three more walls and a roof and you have a great building cube to fight around.

These are printed in black PLA plastic. We fit all pieces so when you get them they will fit with no preparation on your part.