Flames of War: British Sexton (Kangaroo) Troop (BBX76)

Flames of War: British Sexton (Kangaroo) Troop (BBX76)

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BBX76 Sexton or Ram Troop (4x Plastic)
Contains 4 x Sexton, Self propelled guns, Ram, or Ram Kangaroo transports & 1 x Decal Sheet

The Sexton was designed in 1942 to meet these demands. The British General Staff decided to duplicate many of the features of the battle proven American M7 Priest. Instead of the American 105mm they decided that the 25-pdr field gun should be mounted on the vehicle. During 1944 the Sexton replaced existing M7 priests in one Field regiment of each Armoured Division in British service. By the Normandy landings the Sexton had virtually replaced the US Priest in the British Army.