Monopoly: Breaking Bad

Monopoly: Breaking Bad

Alliance Games

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Players will want to “tread lightly” to buy, sell, and trade properties to be the last one standing in this risky version of Monopoly based on AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad! Familiar locations and tokens based on iconic items from the show such as Heisenberg Hat, RV, Tio’s Bell and more will take fans back through the sordid evolution of Walter White and his own capitalistic plan.


1 Game Board

6 Collectible Tokens: Heisenberg Hat, Tio’s Bell, Money Barrel, Gas Mask, Pink Teddy Bear, RV

32 Houses renamed Tented Houses

12 Hotels renamed SuperLabs

16 Community Chest Cards renamed Heisenberg Cards

16 Chance Cards renamed Walter White Cards

Custom themed money

2 Dice