Red Outpost

Red Outpost

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The first step on the Moon has put an end to the Space Race...or has it? A secret Soviet mission was destined to reach the distant stars. Magnificent ship "Krasnaya Zarya" crash-landed on a hospitable planet, and its passengers started to build a new world where all people can be equal.

Players, each striving to become the most respected leader of the extraterrestrial communist settlement, have to control its workers together. To win, you will have to produce resources and garner popular appeal. The absence of private property does not eliminate private preferences. Who will spend his shift mining coal, and who will pass time drinking beer? Make your choice. Only you can guide people to the bright future of prosperity and happiness!

1 Game Board
6 Worker Meeples
24 Wooden Resource Cubes
44 Wooden Influence Discs
6 Mood Markers
1 Phase Marker
1 First Player Token
6 Blocking Tokens
36 Cards
40 Solo Cards
24 Crystals

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes